Common Services we offerfor commercial and business

Custom Phone Systems

Custom Phone Systems

Our area of expertise lies with small to medium size businesses. When your telephone system is in need Mooney’s can help you make every dollar count.

Complete New Installations: We can provide and install a customized telephone system to fit your business needs. Move Existing Telephone Systems: Our goal is to work with you to make the relocation of your telephone system as efficient as possible. Our technicians will work to minimize the down time experienced during your move.
Telephone System Expansion: As your business grows, your telephone needs grow with it. We can provide the tools to expand your existing telephone system to your specific needs.
Voice Mail: It is not always possible to reach all incoming telephone calls in an expanding office. Voice mail allows the caller to leave a message for you when you are not available to accept a call. Music on Hold: This component of a telephone system allows a caller who has been put on hold to listen to music while hold or being transferred to another person.
Headsets: When a telephone handset is no longer a convenience we can offer a wide array of products to meet your headset needs.
Paging (intercom): A paging system allows you to announce information in multiple areas at once. This system can be beneficial in warehouses, large offices, and other places with a large space.
Example of brands we service but not limited to:
Vodavi • Meridian • Nortel • Avaya • Partner • Comdial • Merlin • Lucent • Executone • & more


Infrastructure Design - Cable Systems

Our technicians can design and implement a cable infrastructure that will meet your current needs and allow for future growth of your business. These Cable infrastructures include the following:
Cat 3: Category 3 cables are a great cost effective and versatile cable for your voice infrastructure. This cable can be used for phones, fax machines, credit card machines and other telephone line applications.
Cat 5e: Category 5e is a copper twisted pair 350 mhz cable used mainly for data Ethernet networks.
Cat 6: Category 6 is a copper twisted pair 550 mhz cable used mainly for data networks. Cat 6 is the standard bases for Gigabit Ethernet networks.
Fiber Optic: This cable is mainly used as a backbone to a network due to its ability to carry a large amount of data over a long distance.
Coaxial: Coaxial cable is mainly used for video applications. It can be used to carry signals for TVs and security cameras.
Wire Management: Wire management is setup that keeps the cables near a patch panel, router, or switch neatly organized. It allows for easier organization of the network cables and patch cables that connect to devices that control the network.
Racks (Floor and Wall Mount systems): These storage racks are installed either directly to the wall or a floor mount system which is a stand that is secured to the floor. These racks allow you to securely attach your routers, switches and other network devices in a organized manner.
Patch Panels: Patch panels are a great solution for flexibility in the network. The buildings main cabling infrastructure is wired into the patch panel and allows for patch cables to be plugged into the infrastructure. The patch panel allows for a easy way to connect and disconnect patch cables that are also connect to devices such as routers, switches, other network devices.

Custom Cable Ethernet System Installation

Custom TV Installation

Custom Installation TV, Projection, Speakers

TV: We supply and install TVs that can be mounted to the ceiling, floor, or the wall.
Projection Units: We can supply and install Projection Units that provide a clear picture to allow for presentations and training. We will run and connect the necessary cabling to your video device. This can be a computer, DVD player, or a central audio video unit. We can also install ceiling, floor, or wall mounted screens that allow for a crystal clear picture to be projected against.
Speakers: We can supply and install speaker systems that can be used for music, paging, and presentations. These speakers can be connected to radios, audio control units, and phone systems.


Securty Systems

We install entry level security systems for small to medium size businesses. The security systems are basic systems that have motion activated cameras that send video to a recording device. These systems are cost effective and easier on the budget compared to large complex security systems.
Our security systems do not require any monthly service fees.

Security System Install